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shanghai, october 17, 2018 – jinkosolar holding co., ltd. (“jinkosolar”), one of the world's largest solar module manufacturers, announced that it has supplied 10mw of its mono perc panel jkm295m-60 for a solar project in china. located in zhalai nur mining district, hulunbuir, inner mongolia,  china, this 10mw solar plant is developed and owned by china huaneng group co., ltd. and will generate 17,330,000 kwh of electricity per year. jinkosolar supplied 34,104 mono perc modules used in the project. its high performance mono perc products have higher reliability and power generation efficiency, and are highly resistant to heat, intense radiation, extreme wind and sand. jinkosolar has optimized the cell processing sequence to address the potential problem of letid and lid. after one year commission, xi’an thermal power research institute (xtpri) conducted a project performance assessment which showing each critical performance kpis of the said project are sustained good enough and some even exceed benchmarks set in its feasibility report. "by utilizing jinkosolar’s highest efficiency  mono perc panels, we are maximizing both our financial returns and the environmental benefits of this solar power plant, " said zhibo zhang, the project manager of china huaneng group, “we selected jinkopower based on the efficiency and proven reliability of its mono perc technology."

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jinkosolar (nyse: jks) is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world. jinkosolar distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in china, the united states, japan, germany, the united kingdom, chile, south africa, india, mexico, brazil, the united arab emirates, italy, spain, france, belgium, and other countries and regions. jinkosolar has built a vertically integrated solar product value chain, with an integrated annual capacity of 27 gw for mono wafers, 12 gw for solar cells, and 31 gw for solar modules, as of june 30, 2021.

jinkosolar has 9 productions facilities globally, 22overseas subsidiaries in japan, south korea, vietnam, india, turkey, germany, italy, switzerland, united states, mexico, brazil, chile, australia, portugal, canada, malaysia, uae, hong kong, denmark, and global sales teams in china, united kingdom, france, spain, bulgaria, greece, ukraine, jordan, saudi arabia, tunisia, morocco, south africa, costa rica, colombia, panama, kazakhstan, malaysia, myanmar, sri lanka, thailand, vietnam, poland and argentina, as of june 30, 2021.

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