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shanghai, march 15, 2019-jinkosolar holding co., ltd. (“jinkosolar” or the “company”) (nyse: jks), a reputable solar module manufacture in the world, today announced that jinkosolar was invited to attend b20 tokyo summit, with the theme towards the realization of society 5.0 for sdgs. the key concept of the sdgs proposal is society 5.0, based on the idea that human society is moving into a fifth stage. following on from the hunting society, agrarian society, industrial society, and information society, the fifth stage will be a creative society, in which an imaginary combination of the digital and energy transformation will be embedded into every aspect of the society. underpinning this effort is a mandate for sustainability, bound tightly to the new united nations global goals, the sdgs. during the pre-session panel, jinkosolar highlights, 1 current climate change mitigation endeavor is not enough, and it will soon be too late to adopt immediate action.  there is an urgent need of supporting policies to facilitate and mobilize all actors to redirect financing towards investments with the greatest climate economy benefits. 2. the private sector plays a prominent role in climate change alleviation through favorable and consistent policy support, well-designed market model and framework as well as financial assistance. the business community is ready to embrace that role and appears more willing to shape the agenda than at any point in the past. 3. this new development model requires immense partnership between public, private and financing institutions, both domestically and internationally. dealing with climate change entails non-disruptive and no-barriers cooperation globally. it results from every business and every people‘s behavior, and it can only be resolved by every business and every people‘s action.  on track to achieve sdg sustainable development goal, no one country and no one business can ignore and can be left behind. 4.at the corner of grid parity, it is the first time environment synergize rather than offset economic welfare. only a climate responsible government or entrepreneur can lead the country or its business to further prosperity. “driven by technological advances and business model innovation, the energy revolution and digital revolution is changing the way people live, work and do business. it has become economic sensible to change the development model, particularly when grid parity evolves the new norm and cost competitiveness of solar energy outstands. in addition, the unique characteristic of distributed solar enables its envisions that energy and environment by all and for all,” said dany qian, vp of jinkosolar, “as the key member of energy & environment taskforce, jinkosolar will work closely with a variety of stakeholders across the world, to leverage current most economic sensible and most digitally facilitated solar power technology to tackle the pressing issue of climate changes.”

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