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shanghai, may 9, 2018 – jinkosolar holding co., ltd. (nyse: jks) (the "company," or "jinkosolar"), a global leader in the solar photovoltaic industry, today announced that its p-type monocrystalline cell broke the world record again with efficiency hitting 23.95% during certification testing done by the photovoltaic and wind power systems quality test center at the chinese academy of sciences (cas). p-type mono wafer technology is a contributor, with the highly doped and low defect wafers providing excellent bulk quality. the continued gain in efficiency is a result of the further optimization of selective emitter (se) formation, silicon oxide passivation and the rear side passivation. jinkosolar’s unique light-capturing technology uses black silicon and the multi-layer arc technology reduces the front side reflectivity of cells to be lower than 0.5%, which ensures the growth of the short-circuit current. meanwhile, an advanced grid design and a new type of screen-printing paste are used to reduce the series resistance and the metal / silicon interface compound probability as a result of promotion of solar cell fill factor. mr. kangping chen, ceo of jinkosolar, commented, “this recent technical breakthrough is a combination of several our latest technologies. in particular, the introduction of novel passivation and selective contact technology have successfully broken the technical bottleneck created by traditional perc technology and represents a significant step forward for our p type solar cells with their previous efficiency record of 23.45% in 2017. we will continue to allocate resources towards innovating new and high efficiency solar technologies and their application to the market as we continue to provide the most reliable and highest efficiency products.”

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