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shanghai – december 11, 2017 - jinkosolar holding co., ltd. (“jinkosolar”), a global leader in the photovoltaic (pv) industry, today announced it is a 2016-17 leader in silicon valley toxics coalition’s (“svtc”) solar scorecard, a system which ensures that the pv sector is safe for the environment, workers, and communities.  jinkosolar is in the top 5 of 35 manufacturers assessed. the svtc solar scorecard is a resource for consumers, institutional purchasers, investors, developers, and anyone who wants to purchase pv modules from responsible product stewards.  the pv industry’s continued growth makes it critical to take action to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, develop responsible recycling systems, and protect workers throughout the global pv supply chain. jinkosolar received full marks on commitment to worker rights, health, and safety, enforceable commitment from suppliers to protect workers and the environment, and a reduction of toxic materials in modules.  the company was also recognized for its extended producer responsibility, emissions reporting, and reduction in water usage. “we are proud to be a 2016-17 leader in svtc’s solar scorecard,” said nigel cockroft, general manager of jinkosolar (u.s.) inc.  “we work hard to ensure that jinkosolar modules, which are powering a more sustainable planet, are themselves manufactured cleanly and efficiently.” “we are pleased with jinkosolar’s participation in the 2016-17 solar scorecard and its commitment to transparency,” said sheila davis, executive director of svtc.  “consumers and corporations have choices when they purchase solar, and we hope the solar scorecard can help them choose companies, such as jinkosolar, who are dedicated to sharing information about their environmentally sustainable manufacturing programs and practices.

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