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boao, china, march 22, 2016 -- jinkosolar holding co., ltd. ("jinkosolar" or the "company") (nyse: jks), a global leader in the pv industry, today announced that it was invited to attend the boao forum for asia (bfa) annual conference, 2016 to deliver a speech during the infrastructure session of the b20 special workshop. jinkosolar will be discussing the role of solar pv power on the "energy internet," and strengthening regional connectivity and cooperation to improve the electricity infrastructure. the company will also attend the global energy outlook 2016, an open dialogue with bfa board of directors discussing opportunities for renewable energy during the "low oil price era". the boao forum for asia (bfa) 2016, carrying the theme "asia`s new future: new dynamics and new vision," and will focus on new challenges in asian and emerging economies with the goal of injecting new vitality into the world`s economy. chinese premier li keqiang will attend the opening ceremony. "we are greatly honored to be invited to the business 20 (b20) special workshop during the annual meeting of the boao forum for asia. as the only renewable energy company at the infrastructure session, we are committed to represent the industry expressing common opinions and recommendations to g20 members and? multinational governors as to the importance of establishing a strong, sustainable and balanced growth in the global energy infrastructure development," said xiande li, chairman of jinkosolar, said prior to the four-day event. "the widespread use of solar pv energy ends the monopolization of the energy market which used to be dominated by a handful of large utility and fossil fuel companies. distributed generation (dg) is expected to be one of the biggest drivers of change in the utility business models. the hundreds and thousands of distributed solar power plants across the country creates an energy internet. the energy internet changes the way the electricity is produced, distributed, consumed and traded due to the increasingly favorable economics of solar installations," the chairman concluded. "people always look for greater reliability, reduced cost and lower pollution from energy systems. the vision to build an energy internet using decentralized solar pv energy as a mainstream power source will promote this vision across all continents. through international cooperation, and with imagination, inspiration, investment and implementation, our global energy interconnection can be created in the foreseeable future to benefit all of mankind," said xiande li, chairman of jinkosolar.

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