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shanghai, china, mar. 16, 2016 – jinkosolar holding co., ltd. ("jinkosolar" or the "company") (nyse: jks), a global leader in the solar pv industry, today announced that it will donate solar modules to the 2016 chinese everest expedition team (“the  team"). the modules will be installed at the team`s south base camp.   jinkosolar`s modules will be used as one of the world`s highest altitude pv systems located at the team`s south base camp in kathmandu, nepal. the south base camp`s entire infrastructure including power generation was destroyed during the 2015 nepal earthquake and everest avalanche. with reconstruction works in 2016 underway, frequent power outages have become a major problem. using jinkosolar modules, the new pv system will generate ample clean energy to meet the team`s daily electricity needs and power communication systems between the camp and the expedition`s base camp. the use of clean energy will also serve as an example to protect the environment around the south base camp. "our module`s exceptional performance under extreme conditions as well as their high efficiency and reliability make them the ideal choice for china`s everest expedition team," commented mr. xiande li, chairman of jinkosolar. "jinkosolar and china`s everest expedition team both share the same values which focus on the constant pursuit of excellence, determination and perseverance. we are delighted to support the team with our products and hope this will give them momentum to continue moving forward."  

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