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chile, march 16, 2016 – jinkosolar holding co., ltd. (“jinkosolar” or the “company”) (nyse: jks), a global leader in the solar pv industry, today announced that it has provided its modules for the construction of innovative pv plant at the la silla observatory in chile.   the pv plant which is in construction has a total power of 1.7 mw, located in la silla, in northern chile (coquimbo region) named after the neighboring astronomical observatory it will supply with its clean energy.   it will be the first utility-scale pv plant in the world to combine the use of innovative bifacial and smart modules with conventional modules. the use of innovative panels is expected to increase power generation by between 5% and 10% compared to a traditional pv plant of equal size.   the la silla pv plant will utilize jinko panels, including innovative smart modules. the smart module “jinko maximized” boasts a microchip that optimizes production from each panel by allowing it to deliver electricity to the grid regardless of any eventual malfunctions affecting other panels, unlike conventional modules where one malfunctioning panel can affect production of the other working panels.   the la silla observatory is equipped with several optical telescopes with mirror diameters of up to 3.6 metres. the facility belongs to the european southern observatory (eso1), the pre-eminent intergovernmental astronomical research organization. eso is carrying out an ambitious programme focused on the design, construction and operation of powerful ground-based astronomical observation facilities, and has the aim of enabling important scientific discoveries. as well as la silla, eso owns the paranal and chajnantor observatories, also located in the atacama desert.   “jinko is proud to join with our partners in the research and development of new technologies that will help to optimize the production of clean energy. we have already shipped more than 600 mw of modules in chile and we are targeting to reach more than 1 gw modules shipped in latam within this year. we reached this great result  thanks to our partner that trust in jinko and in the high quality technology of our product ” said alberto cuter, general manger latam&italy jinkosolar.  

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