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zambia, march 4, 2016 – jinkosolar holding co., ltd. (“jinkosolar” or the “company”) (nyse: jks), a global leader in the solar pv industry, today announced that it has supplied 1mw highly efficient modules to 150 sets off-grid telecom systems in zambia, creating a precedent in solar energy application. solar is the ideal solution whenever you need a reliable power supply for a remote telecommunication installation, where inaccessible sites where it is extremely expensive or impossible to connect to the grid can be powered. the total 150 sets off-grid telecom pv systems consists of jinkosolar highly efficient and reliable solar modules, charge controller and storage batteries to power the telecom dc loads for 24 hours a day all over the year. the system which is implemented, called etps, has been designed by earth technologies and it includes jinko high efficient pv panels, generator, batteries, controllers, cabinets and all needed components.  with many telecom network sites located in rural, and oftentimes rugged areas such as on mountaintops, desert regions or other isolated areas, where people access is very time & cost consuming or even not possible, so it calls for the solar pv system more efficient, less maintenance need and more reliable to resist extreme environment conditions, therefore to deliver consistent electricity to these base transceiver stations. jinkosolar’s most powerful polycrystalline solar panel is highly dependable and lower maintenance requirement thanks to its self-cleaning property to avoid rain and dust accumulation in the module surface. pid free, anti-salt, anti-ammonia, anti-acid, static and mechanical load test certified pv panels guarantee continuous solar power in any environment for at least 25 years.    “we are happy to work with earth technologies on this milestone solar-based project to power 150 remote telecom stations around zambia. it helps those stations which used to heavily depend on the diesel generators to avoid the need to regularly transport bulk fuel, and vastly reduced running and o&m cost” commented by dany qian, jinkosolar vice president.  

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