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shanghai - february 22, 2016 - jinkosolar holding co., ltd. (“jinkosolar”), a global leader in the photovoltaic (pv) industry, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, jinkosolar (u.s.) inc., will begin offering residential solar financing to its customers through the greensky® program (“greensky”) in the u.s.  installers who purchase jinkosolar pv modules can now register to use greensky’s competitive loan program and its technology platform, which includes a mobile application to help installers get homeowners approved in a process that is paperless, fast, and easy. there will also be a call center to help installers or homeowners with any questions. uniquely, jinkosolar’s installers can receive progress payments on each installation, creating better cash flow and an opportunity to tackle more jobs.        “our mission aligns nicely with greensky’s mission. we seek to help our installers grow and delight their customers,” said jeff juger, director of business development of jinkosolar (u.s.) inc.  “many installers are technically proficient but lack the financing options that appeal to homeowners. this program will give our installers a competitive edge, as homeowners increasingly look to own their own solar systems. in all, we believe this offer will allow installers to earn more business and homeowners to put solar cost-effectively on their rooftops.”  “as one of the largest home improvement loan programs in the country, we have worked with some of the largest retailers and name brand manufacturers in the u.s. we vet our partners carefully and think that jinkosolar’s quality and operations records speak for themselves,” said jeffrey gold, senior vice president of account management at greensky.  “we have already financed $600 million in solar systems and are excited to work with jinkosolar to make clean electricity more affordable to americans.”  http://greensky.com/sponsor/jinko.the program is available immediately in all 50 states. homeowners who own the system can take full advantage of the federal investment tax credits, as well as any local and state incentives. interested installers can find out more information at

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